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Escudo de Veraguas - VagaMundo Navegaciones
Escudo de Veraguas - VagaMundo Navegaciones
Viajes en velero para conocer lo mejor de Panama. Sailboat trips to know the best spots in Panama
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Escudo de Veraguas

Escudo de Veraguas Island

This awesome place is a small (4.3 km2) isolated Caribbean island of the Republic of Panama.

Despite its name, it is not part of the province of Veraguas, but rather Bocas del Toro. Although located only 17 km from the coastline in the Golfo de los Mosquitos and isolated for only about 9000 years, several animals found on the island are distinct from their mainland counterparts, and two mammal species or subspecies are recognized as occurring only on the island.

The island has 26.36 acres (10.67 ha) of mangrove forest (the only known habitat of the pygmy sloth) and 247 acres (100 ha) of coral reef with 55 coral species. It houses over 11,000 species, and has an average high of 23 degrees Celsius and a low of 12 degrees Celsius.

Escudo de Veraguas is traditionally the birthplace of the NgäbeBuglé people. Until 1995 the island remained largely unpopulated, but since that time NgäbeBuglé fishermen from nearby coastal towns moved in, first using the island as a base for fishing parties and later settling permanently. In 2012, about 20 fishermen and their families were settled on the island.

On the north side of this island is the only place in Panama where the three typical ecosystems of the tropics coexist mixed: the jungle, the mangroves and the coral reefs.

Boarding at Linton Marina at 5pm (Panama City – Linton Marina: 1h30 by car). We’ll leave before sunset. Sailing all night.

We’ll arrive about 10am to Escudo de Veraguas Island. We can visit the awesome cave and south beaches. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc.

Anchored in north side. We’ll explore the mangroves, coral reef and jungle sea water labyrinths. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc.

Time to visit the west beach, where NgäbeBuglé community have a settlement. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc. We’ll leave the island at 5pm to Linton Marina, sailing all nigh.

We arrive to Isla Grande about 10am. Time to last swim at Caribbean sea before head to Linton Marina about 1pm. Packing and return to the City.

$650/person if you are 8 persons.
$700/person if you are 6 persons.

Please, ask for dates or more info: